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Legally Dope
Legally Dope

Z'a, Founder of Legally Dope

I'm a lawyer so all I know are facts, therefore everything I say is a fact and should be accepted as law. I won my first legit argument at 13 years old that would not only affect myself but my siblings as well. My Dad used to make us do summer workbooks EVERY SUMMER. After a lot of logic (and some tears for dramatics) I convinced him that if we made straight A's the following year we would never have to do summer workbooks again. Needless to say our summers were work free from then on! I never won an argument with my Mom. Nevertheless both of my parents always told me I could be and do what I wanted to, even if they didn't know how to tell me how; so that's what I did. 

Sharita, Co-Founder/Creative Director 

Sharita is not only a director of art, she is an entertainer. Usually identified as the loud, funny character in the room, she natural ability to entertaining people. At the ripe bold age of 5 she was nominated the spokesperson for her family and that position required her to always be ready to put on a show. Throughout her early life she took jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dance classes. Singing was something that came naturally to her and was encouraged by.... Later in life In college she was a part of three champion winning step teams (as a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.). A common story she tells people, is how she used to be a cruise boat lounge singer.

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